Creating Your First Mod

How to create a brand new building

Required tools

First, we'll need to download the latest version of MagicaVoxel.
(Optional) JSON Text Editor for easier editions.

Creating a model

Open MagicaVoxel and create a new file naming it myFirstModel.
Draw a construction in the space given (40 x 40 x 40) which is the size of 1 tile in-game.
Leave a 2 voxel wide layer as it will be your ground.
Press export file as obj as myFirstModel.obj
Save this file in the folder 3dModels inside MyFirstMod_Me, you will find it when pressing Show mods folder button on the name.
If you did it right, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the file with the same name. Say yes.
Open Urbek, in the mods menu activate “myfirstmod_me”
Create a new game or load an existing game
Now in the landmark menu you can build your building

Too simple?

Try changing the name of your building, just change the line
“name”: “My house”,
in the newBuildings.txt file, to
“name”: “Any other name”,

A 2x2 building?

Create a 80x80 building on MagicaVoxel and modify the line “myFirstModel,1,1 to “myBiggerModel,2,2.