Mod Folder Structure

The folder itself

The folder must be named in the following format: ModName_Author Example: UnlimitedPotatoes_Worive

Folder Content

The folder will contain 3 types of files:
  • The 3dModels' folder
  • The icon's folder
  • The description.txt text file
  • One or more modding text files.
Example of mod folder

3dModels Folder

This folder will contain all your MagicaVoxel models, each one of them must have their 3 files:
  • modelName.obj
  • modelName.mtl
  • modelName.png
The original .vox file is not necessary for the game to work.
You can check out how to make models via this guide:

Icon Folder

This folder will contain all your building's custom icons. Every icon must meet those conditions:
  • 110x110 resolution
  • .png extension
There's an empty icon that you can download freely to make your owns:
To set an icon for a specific building, you only needs to set the icon's name as the building's codeName.
Example 1
Example 2
Building with codeName: myhouse.
The corresponding icon is: /icon/myhouse.png
Building with codeName: someNewFancyBuilding.
The corresponding icon is: /icon/someNewFancyBuilding.png


Any model name ending with luz or luzRoja will have light at night from these model positions, yellow and red respectively, depending on the name.
  • modelName luz.obj
  • modelName luzRoja.obj

Description Text File

The file description.txt is used, as the name itself explains it, to define the description of your mod.

Modding Text Files

Modding text files work via prefixes (text in the front of the file name), there are 3 types:
  • replace
  • add3dModels
  • newBuildings
Every one of these files must end with the extension .txt
You can have as many of each as you want, if you want to build large mods and want to separate content for your convenience.


The file allows you to replace any existing models of the game with another one from your 3dModels' folder.
There's a guide showing you how it works:

Add 3D Models

The file allows you to add more models to existing buildings for more diversity.
There's a guide showing you how it works:

New Buildings

Allows you to add brand-new constructions to the game, where you can configure more than 50 characteristics if you want!
There's a guide showing you how it works: