Structure Model Format

As this it's one of the hardest format to understand, there's a whole page to explain it simply:
The model's format is ModelName,TileSize,TileSize,Edge

Model Format

Model Name is the MagicaVoxel file name without the extension. (Spaces are supported!)

Tile Size

Tile Size is the amount of tiles this model is using, it appears twice because it's for both axis of the map.


Edge define which position is this model for, it can be of 7 types (including empty).


The model will appear in any position, it's the most used value for basic buildings.


Edge: will only appear on edges.


Inside Only (Solo Interior): will only appear in internal area of models, so the minimum size for such edge would be 3x3 buildings.


Anti Edge: will only appear on opposites of edges for coastal structures.
Examples: Beaches


A misterious edge yet to be known...


Double Edge: will appear when a same tile is facing roads from 2 opposite sides only.
Example: 3x1 buildings, the central part.


Double Anti Edge
A misterious edge yet to be known...