Make a 3D Model

How to make a 3D model with MagicaVoxel

Required tools

Getting Started

Each tile is 40 x 40 wide, so if you wish to make a multi tile building, just calculate from this.
  • Draw your construction
Keep in mind the first 2 voxels layers are for the ground
  • If it’s a corner building it should be to the right and down, you can check it by loading the file again, it should look like this:
  • If you want some elements to go over the edges, you can make it 46x46, for example, and then you have 3 voxels for each side.
  • Export file as .obj
If you use the old version of magicavoxel 0.92, the file must have “mv92” in its name.
The file should be in a subfolder called 3dModels, inside your mod folder.
Every time you save an .obj file, 3 files actually appear (.obj, .png. .mtl), all three of which are useful. It would looks like that


If you have a 3d model that has the same name as your building but also has a “ luz” (with space) at the end of the name (in the same folder) then the game will automatically recognise it as the places that should be the yellow light. If it ends in “luzRoja” it will be the red lights.
Yellow light's building will pick randomly a light between 3 differents shades or yellow.