Replace Models

How to replace models of existing buildings
This is the easiest one, you can replace some existing models of the game with other ones.

Creating the replace file

You must create a file called replace.txt (the important thing is that it starts with replace, it can also be called replace_testing.txt or replace_firstattempt.txt, for example).

Picking the building's name

First you must recognize the name of the model, check the Temperate biome rules and look for the construction you are interested in, in “codeName:” you will see the name I use inside the game, if you want to see the equivalent of the name in English with the names inside the game, go to In-game names with English names). So to modify the farms look for “codeName”: “campo” in the file.
A few lines below that, in “models”: you will see that there is one called KCampo_2x3. To replace that model, you must write in your replace.txt file
So, for example, one line of the onlyFarms mod says:
it means: replace the KTrigo model of the farms (campo) with one of yours called KCampo_1x1_mod_mv92
I added mv92 to the model because I did it in magicavoxel 0.92, which is different from the others, I’m very used to that version, but if you do it in any more advanced version, you don’t need to add mv92 to the file name.